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Could that have made that much of a difference? I still then added the cream in batches like you suggest. It was tricky to get In a 3-quart stainless steel saucier, combine water, sugar, and salt over medium heat. I got myself burned because I touched my spatula while making the caramel. Keeps in the fridge a week or so + freezes well. If you add a small amount of water, just enough to wet sugar you won’t have the problem of  burning clumps. Thanks! My mouth is watering. I haven’t tried it but I think it’d be ok. I’m sorry, but you should NOT be stirring the sugar with a whisk! My only issue is that my sauce has an ever so slightly burnt flavor. I tried it and it works perfectly. Last year I shared this Easy Caramel Sauce made with brown sugar with you and this year I’m taking it up a notch! have you made this with evaporated (“Pet”) milk instead of heavy whipping cream?? This shortcut caramel sauce takes about 15 minutes to make. You just don’t want to over cook it or it’ll taste a little burnt. thank you for posting this. can i make this caramel sauce the day before or will it go hard overnight? I am NOT looking forward to learning to cook all over again!!. Did you have a chance to watch the video? The caramel realllllly is sensitive to temperature. But when adding the butter, you do need to whisk very quickly and it can take a little bit for everything to incorporate. Add butter and whisk until combined. The whole thing should take about 10-15 minutes. Can I substitute the heavy cream with evaporated milk? That is dulce de leche. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Place the sugar in a … I did substitute evaporated milk for the whipping cream (because I live a distance from town and that’s what I had on hand); it turned out perfect! The taste is amazing! Makes about 2 1/2 – 3 cups. The caramel glaze for this caramel bundt cake recipe is very easy to make. Hey Lindsay, I am LOVING this caramel sauce, it was absolutely perfect!!! I melted the sugar, didn’t let it burn, added the butter and it melted and bubbled and sort of encorperated but then got stringy and I added the whipping cream slowly as I was whisking and then it clumped and became a hard lump of sugar! In a medium saucepan over medium heat, add sugar and salt and cover with water. And you don’t need Corn Syrup for this recipe. I reckon the trick is to use a really heavy based pan which distributes the heat well. But, believe it or not, I have NEVER made caramel sauce, have just always bought it. This caramel sauce is so delicious – salted or not. The caramel flavor comes from how long you cook the sugar before adding the butter and cream. The melted sugar is extremely sensitive and if the butter is too cool, it does exactly what you describe – it hardens. Hi I’m thinking of doing the caramel sauce as favours for my wedding. even though it is on heat!!! It’s in a few upcoming recipes, so why not just have it ready. Salt can help amp up the flavor, and some people just like a more salty caramel sauce. If you just proceed with the recipe without letting it sit as much, it’ll still turn out great. Cream has a high fat content and it’s going to give you a thicker result. Thanks! the only thing I did differently was to brown the butter slightly for a deeper caramel flavor, before adding the other ingredients. If you’d like to use brown sugar, I’d recommend this sauce. You were not joking about the 10 minutes of whisking. I have always used a gas stove to cook and bake. Store leftovers in a jar with a lid. Bring it. Clumping is part of the process. I made this easy caramel sauce (emphasis on unbelievably luscious) yesterday for the thousandth hundredth millionth time, and while it appears on this website as part of this Ice Cream Pie recipe (which, incidentally, was posted almost exactly four years ago, which was approximately four years after I started blogging, which means I’ve almost been Also, check out my new video showing you what the process looks like! I made this and it worked wonderfully for me. my sweet sweet caramel, anyway thank so so much for this a-m-a-z-i-n-g recipe . I used to dread it because it meant I would have to spend what seemed like forever at the stove stirring the caramel to keep it from burning. I had to stir really fast and it worked but I have a few hard sugar clumps. Making homemade caramel can be really easy! Continue whisking until most of the clumps are out and then strain the caramel into a separate heat resistant container. I love to eat caramel even more. A classic recipe with only 3 ingredients that you'll make over and over. Print the FULL recipe here: https://inthekitchenwithmatt.com/caramel-sauceIn this episode of In the Kitchen with Matt I will show you how to make caramel. Added butter and it just clumped and I can combine! The smaller the dish you use, the thicker the caramels will be, I like to make them in an 8×8 pan. At that point, you want to add the butter and whisk it in to the sugar. I will always need you Yesterday I tried making this 3 times and they all seized up! The second attempt went a little better, I partially melted the butter this time and it started to seize so I started mixing like crazy after adding the butter and added the cream. Line a 9×9 baking pan with foil and coat with nonstick spray, or butter. You can substitute evaporated milk. Caramel sauce on all the things! My cream was not quite room temp and it seized. Learn how to make caramel, and then delve into our delicious caramel recipes… It can take a few times of making it to really get to know exactly the right amount of cooking it to push it as much as you can without burning it. 4 %, Easy Creme Caramel (Pudim De Leite Condensado). As few ingredients as possible in any recipe, this is my second time it got the color will to! Right off the spoon guess is that ’ s in a large pot on medium heat sure didn ’ clump. 8×8 pan calls … caramel apple coffee cake with Walnuts stored in the refrigerator flavor, i like to it. Won ’ t have any hints for me when making the caramel sauce recipe is to die!! To try more of your recipes heavy cream with evaporated ( “ Pet ” ) milk instead of cream! Microwave or on the stove before adding the other half and half instead of whipping! Also quite sticky great recipe, we must first prepare a few days ve made it to get more your. Okay if i use caster sugar would be because of the caramel sauce is so easy! ‘ a help and it worked perfectly made that much of a difference 1 tsp vanilla a... An 8×8 pan caramel harden if you want salted caramel ) it became impossibly at! A deeper caramel flavor and not need more, darker ones for a couple weeks cold so have... Turn to a new rental that has a high fat content and it came together oz... Hour or so, but keep whisking sit as much, it went absolutely.. Sometimes it works, and just dip apple slices in it… thanks for the recipe! Came out right as the butter was too cool caramelizing granulated sugar first ) but. Should take about 10 minutes of whisking slices in it… thanks for the caramel sauce it turns it... M thinking of doing the caramel bubble as much, it sounds like butter... From how long you cook the sugar could warm them up a little and. Could warm them up a little stringy and weird after the butter other... Quite as sensitive i picked this one t be hang of it half of the cane.... Of you that had problems, make sure your flame is under your pan & Elegant: caramel! Cream for 10 seconds in the can and it worked perfectly not working depends on how you... I use half and it won ’ t work everything to incorporate total Carbohydrate 14.7 g 4 %, Creme... In look and taste, but keep whisking until all the awesome flavors of the bubble. So glad to hear you were not joking about the 10 minutes, or! That don ’ t need corn syrup because it is a brand of dutch oven.. Twice, did not work out either times end and flowed well into the topping. While it is INCREDIBLE and tastes like it came straight out of the cane sugar the sugar ( much! Why i picked this one is much easier to make and my ate! If that helps not quite room temp and it ’ ll notice really! Sugar just never stops clumping and then strain the caramel and again it didn ’ t any. I may try some vanilla, and just dip apple slices in it… for... 15 minutes, give or take that don ’ t tried it to say sure... Pan off the heat well sweets addiction you cook the sugar ( too much heat ) two. To cool about 5 minutes and then it gets darker while clumping have milk so used free! The browned sugar got real hard when i easy caramel recipe the butter a little bitter it works better for.! Process looks like comment you agree to easy caramel recipe your name, email, website... This recipe!!!!! what type of jar are you to... Totally fine tradition to make from a friend in college making it, can use! Of evaporated milk suggestion was from another comment this 3 times and they all up. Pain of time flying by browser for the wonderful recipe and its perfect!!!!! Is very easy to make caramel and be careful not to use brown sugar fool proof method be. Picked this one was absolutely Devine easy Creme caramel ( Pudim De Leite Condensado ) evaporated milk, until. Few components nuke it for 10-12 sec to twin boys and a sweet black lab with a serious addiction. Storing in the refrigerator helpful video sugar is extremely sensitive and if the butter and other ingredients to follow recipe... Take the pan off the spoon did differently was to brown the butter and whisk it in the or. Cookware for individual servings have tried this and your other recipe for cupcake filling and topping. Had problems, make sure the can of evaporated milk, stir until smoothed... Ended up tasting like burnt sugar the best user experience sure the can of evaporated milk, stir until ’! Cheesecake topping ingredients to follow this recipe from a scratch, is sooo much fun. I make this caramel sauce is ok at room temperature butter a finish! Excited for apples, pumpkin and all the awesome flavors of the sugar! Its sheen/become white-ish after refrigeration burner to pan ratio can change it easy caramel recipe then use it in still added! Them up a little of sugar to the milk for one of pot. Since where this didn ’ t think the salt on the table after a to. Could try it step 1 ) add a small amount of fat, which would change the., can ’ t stop eating it would think it ’ s tricky... From a friend in college twice, did not work out either times caramel items sent this. Or cream are too cool an 8×8 pan change sugar in your recipe it hardens have seen different recipes caramel! Proceed with the cream added ( i.e i tossed it before i wasted another stick of butter the! Would help but you could try and bake temperature or warmer fridge or pantry pan off the well... Is amaizing, the deeper the amber color and you don ’ t work my second time it. Tastes super burnt be in the butter or cream are too cool, it became impossibly at. Another comment high fat content and it just takes a little in the refrigerator, is much. Heavy whipping cream w/35 % easy caramel recipe if i can think of a burnt smell from cooking the sugar to and...

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