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They are easily customizable based on your food cravings. ¼ to ½ cup ice (optional) For the peanut butter bombs (yields: 28 mini bites): ¼ cup almond flour. Once the chocolate is set, evenly distribute the peanut butter into each cup, pressing down a bit to make even. Using a teaspoon as your scoop, spoon about 3 heaping teaspoons of the mixture into each mini cupcake tin. Keto Peanut Butter Fudge Fat Bomb Rate this recipe Your rating Rate this a 1: Couldn't eat it Rate this a 2: Didn't like it Rate this a 3: It was OK Rate this a 4: Liked it Rate this a 5: Loved it That’s all there is to this recipe — it’s really as easy as that to make your very own healthy peanut butter and chocolate keto snack. 100 % Gluten free + Low carb + Vegan + dairy free. Peanut Butter Fat Bombs are a low carb, keto recipe. While this Peanut butter chocolate chip fat bomb recipe is made with butter you can also swap it for cream cheese or vegan cream cheese. Keto fat bombs don't get much better than this Peanut Butter Fat Bomb Recipe. The custard mixture is the perfect addition to this recipe. Dump all the ingredients in a bowl, stir like hell, roll the muscle fuel into compact balls, freeze them, and then chow down. We were recently given the opportunity to work with one of our favorite baking brands, Krusteaz, and develop a recipe using one of their mixes. Make them in 5 minutes and keep them in the freezer all week for a snack on the go. A chocolate peanut butter snack that's OK to eat on a healthy diet! One of my favorite treats growing up was peanut butter cups. ramekins or custard cups with plastic wrap; set aside. A thick and fudgy peanut butter center, covered in a sugar-free chocolate. I've included the nutritional data for fat bombs made with almond butter, as well as peanut butter below. Wrap the dough around the peanut butter, pinching to seal, and roll into a smooth ball. 1 ½ tbsp natural, creamy peanut butter. Reese’s Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipe. Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bomb Recipe Wellness Mama. Peanut butter fat bombs Keto easy treat made of only 4 ingredients: peanut butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter (or butter) and stevia vanilla drops. This deliciously easy Keto Peanut Butter Mousse recipe will make you forget you are following a low carb diet. Line eight 6-oz. I use an ice cube tray (or two) for this recipe because it’s easy, but you can also use silicone candy molds or even paper muffin liners. A double boiler is a bowl set on top of a saucepot with hot water (medium heat). Fat bomb recipes are generally very easy 1-bowl recipes made with less than 10 ingredients and ready in 15 minutes. An easy 4-ingredient recipe for no bake low carb keto chocolate peanut butter protein balls! For the butter in these, I used KerryGold, because that's what is usually in my fridge, … I know that’s a big promise to make but hear me out… Only 3 ingredients needed; Each fat bomb has less than 2g … Pour a small layer of chocolate in each cup. Directions. These chocolate peanut butter fat bombs taste very much like sugar free peanut butter cups. Keto Fat Bomb recipes don’t get better than this 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Fat Bomb. For those times, this “protein bomb” recipe is here to help. The purpose of a double boiler is to ensure than nothing is being applied directly to heat / to delicately melt foods without scorching. Why this recipe works: Coating the chocolate cookie crumbs with chocolate means they won’t get soggy in the middle of all that ice cream. Melt all of the ingredients until you have a smooth creamy liquid using the double boiler method. In fact, you may never need another keto fat bomb recipe again! This takes peanut butter to a whole new level and it is an amazing and delicious level. Peanut butter chocolate fat bombs are the ultimate fat bomb recipe. If you are craving: The BEST keto recipes are EASY KETO RECIPES and these fat bombs are just that! Then, add cocoa powder and liquid stevia and mix until combined. Just sub out the peanut butter in the recipe for the butter of your choice. Heat oven to 350°. ¼ tsp vanilla extract. 1 ½ tsp natural, creamy peanut butter. 1/8 tsp vanilla extract Place seam-side down back onto the baking sheet. I used crunchy peanut butter which added a really nice crunch along with the chocolate chips. It's one of my favorite keto desserts to make! Print, Email, or Text this recipe. Best fat bomb recipe I have come across so far having read the comments, I only used 1/2 cup of NKD Living powdered erythritol and this was the perfect amount for my taste. 1 tsp honey. Try to find peanut butter that only has one ingredient: ground peanuts. Bring the water to the boil and then let it simmer while the ingredients melt in the glass bowl. In a large bowl, beat cream cheese and chocolate syrup until smooth. Place in refrigerator a few minutes or until set. These keto fat bombs are lightly sweetened with stevia and contain no sugar. Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free. If you’ve been around Sugar, Spice and Glitter for awhile you already know that peanut butter and chocolate is one of my favorite dessert flavor combos. It is the perfect light and fluffy alternative to those dense fat bombs! Unlike ice cream, it won’t melt as the dessert sits. I actually find that these fat bombs taste even better than classic candies like peanut butter cups, and they’re oh so satisfying thanks to all of the healthy fats they’re made with. Flatten each piece to a 3-inch disk and place a frozen peanut butter ball in the center. Preparation. Made with healthy fats, these peanut butter fat bombs are the perfect snack recipe if you're trying to incorporate more good fats into your diet. Melt butter in a large saucepan over medium-low heat; add cocoa, stirring until smooth. Next, place drippy peanut butter and melted coconut in a medium-size bowl and mix. liquid stevia, coconut oil, peanut butter, vanilla extract, peanut butter and 6 more. A delicious clean eating healthy treat. A fat bomb can be a ketogenic dieter's best friend when trying to reach the fat level needed for ketosis, weight loss, and related health benefits. And peanut butter is a great addition to just about any dessert. Yield: 3 cups. Additional Recipe Notes for making Peanut Butter Fat Bombs. Grease and flour a 10- to 12-cup Bundt pan. Peanut Butter Bomb Smoothie for Two. The popular flavor combination of chocolate and peanut butter is enhanced with grass-fed butter instead of coconut oil, like most fat bomb recipes. Divide the dough into 16 equal pieces. As you can see, I prefer the chunky peanut butter because it adds a little texture and crunch to these bombs, but you can use any nut butter that you would prefer. ½ tsp unsweetened almond milk. These 5-minute keto chocolate peanut butter fat bombs are a quick healthy dessert or protein-packed snack with a peanut-free option! This recipe … Preheat oven to 425°F. Meanwhile, combine the peanut butter, confectioners sweetener, salt and vanilla. Place the ingredients in a glass bowl over a saucepan half-filled with about 1 inch of water. Peanut Butter Lovers UNITE. At just 2g net carbs per servings and 5 simple ingredients, it's hard to resist!

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