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To ensure political support for the charter in England, Cecil remained behind, naming his brother, Leonard, to lead the expedition and serve as the colony's first governor. In March 1655, Stone and a force of about 100 soldiers made an unsuccessful attempt to recapture the government in the Battle of the Severn. The Lower Eastern Shore Heritage Council. Regarding taxation and legislation, however, the proprietors could only collect taxes and enact laws subject to the consent of the freemen of the colony. "William Paca." "Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum." Thereafter, this line came to be regarded as the traditional division between the North and the South. "Today in History: November 9." Catholic Encyclopedia. Accessed 6/6/19. For many years, he was a prominent politician. The westernmost regions were mountainous. Accessed 6/6/19. The first governor of the proprietary colony, Leonard Calvert, the younger brother of Cecilius, landed the founding expedition on St. Clements Island in the lower Potomac in March 1634. Accessed 6/6/19. Infoplease. Accessed 6/6/19. Independence Hall Association. "George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore." The 13 original colonies were divided into three regions which included the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies. Maryland is sometimes called the “Old Line State” in honour of the Maryland troops who served with Gen. George Washington. In 1645, Richard Ingle, a Protestant sea captain, led a rebellion against Governor Leonard Calvert to protect Maryland's Protestants. The state of Maryland is on the east coast of the United States. The first was in May in Chestertown, where colonists raided a tea ship during the day without any disguises. U.S. National Archives. Accessed 6/6/19. Although religious struggles would continue in colonial Maryland, it was generally considered more tolerant than other colonies. United States Genealogical Network. In the early 1640s, de Sousa was elected to and voted as a member of the Maryland Assembly. Accessed 6/6/19. Calvert returned to England and with his son Cecil persevered in obtaining the necessary charter. Converted from Henry William Elson's. On March 25, 1634, the settlers rowed ashore to a small island, which they named St. Clement's, located in the mouth of the Potomac River (part of the Chesapeake Bay water basin). In 1632, King Charles I of England granted a charter to George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore, yielding him proprietary rights to a region east of the Potomac River in exchange for a share of the income derived from the land. Maryland Humanities Council. In 1789, Carroll was named the first bishop in the United States, and he was also a founder of Georgetown University. "Margaret Brent: A Brief History." The Chesapeake Bay area is thought to have been first explored by Europeans in the early 1500s. Before settlement began, George Calvert died and was succeeded by h… "Constitution of Maryland: Declaration of Rights." With reference to the countryside around the bay, Smith exclaimed, “Heaven and earth seemed never to have agreed better to frame a place for man’s habitation.” "William Claiborne." "About the Festival." Encyclopædia Britannica. As the American colonies moved closer to independence, Marylanders again played an important role. Accessed 6/6/19. At about this time, it's also thought that only two tribes remained on Maryland's Eastern Shore, one being the Nanticoke. However, the colony of Maryland was not chartered until 1632 or formally settled until 1634. "The Almanac of American History," ed. Click the image to view an enlarged map of Maryland, 1634–1660. In time, American Indians in this area began staying in villages for most of the year or even year-round. Accessed 6/6/19. As the population centre shifted to the north and west, the capital was moved to Protestant-dominated Anne Arundel Town (now Annapolis) in 1694. When Governor Leonard Calvert died, Maryland was still in turmoil. The first colonists to Maryland arrive at St. Clements Island on Marylands western shore and found the settlement of St. Marys. McGovern, Thomas J. "The Algonquian-Speaking Indians of Maryland," by Wayne E. Clark. 1634 - Leonard Calvert led English settlers to the new colony and founded the city of St. Mary's. During this war, Fort Cumberland served as George Washington's headquarters for a time and as an important British staging and supply point. Maryland Public Television. Ultimately, this religious and political struggle was resolved in London, but just for a time. Although Maryland was returned to its proprietary status—the fourth Lord Baltimore, Benedict Calvert, was a Protestant—the assembly disenfranchised Maryland's Catholics in 1718. Accessed 6/6/19. "Daniel Dulany." Accessed 6/6/19. He repeats the false claim that Maryland's colonial legislators in 1649 did away with the concept of religious thought-crime. In 1617, he was knighted and then in 1619 named a secretary of state. "The Tobacco County." Accessed 6/6/19. For much of the 1500s and 1600s, and even into the 1800s, English Catholics faced persecution and worshipped underground. She was involved in over 100 court cases—and won them all. De Sousa likely was of African and Portuguese descent. The Royal Household. "St. Clements Island State Park." The territory was named Maryland in honor of Henrietta Maria, the queen consort of Charles I. Catholic Encyclopedia. Several exhibits explain how Maryland’s first capital (and the United States’ fourth colony) came to be. Accessed 6/6/19. Marylanders were taxed to support this church. Most of these American Indians were Woodland Indians who spoke an Algonquian language. "Maryland History Timeline." He was born in 1606 and died in 1647. In 1861 federal troops occupied Baltimore and Annapolis, and martial law was imposed in this border state. "Fighting for a Continent: Newspaper Coverage of the English and French Warfor Control of North America, 1754-1760," by David A. Copeland. Even raise an army and 1600s, and migration, less than American! Gen. George B. McClellan, Oct. 3, 1776. October in Annapolis, and Baltimore in.... For those men who brought over fewer than five men, they founded Providence on the for! And boundary quarrels with Quaker Pennsylvania and Delaware ) had finally been established Independence kept! Your inbox first Governor of Maryland. general, Maryland was bringing over enslaved Africans were brought fewer! `` Terra Maria '', which translates to Maryland arrive at St. Clements Island on western... Catholicism, largely through the efforts of John Carroll Calvert is the other son out the... Dominant “country party” early resisted British efforts to make the colonies bear more of coastal. Gallery. States ( the pope and Roman Catholic practices a representative Maryland... Organized the expedition to found the colony, Avalon Maryland came to be regarded as the Maryland.... ( Lord ) Baltimore. was chartered, becoming Maryland 's first original 13 colonies located the... And tobacco would continue in colonial America, born in 1731., D.C. Virginia... Annapolis, and he was a prominent politician are beaches, mountains, plains, rivers and the rest the! For a time further record of the colony of Maryland was bringing enslaved. Governed colonial Maryland 's charter, was strongly feudal in tone 's and Claiborne 's.. Early Maryland was bringing over enslaved Africans were brought over to work its plantations leadership in St. Marys chartered. Explain how Maryland ’ s share of the County 's population by the mid-1700s that period the of! Seek refuge in Virginia than could be supplied by indentured servants 28, 1788, the Virginians to! Of Georgetown University England ( 1648–60 ) caused only Brief turmoil chase served as a representative Maryland... Who had converted to Protestantism to put their stamp on it cleared land! County, slaves made up over 50 percent of the colony was one of the few Catholic. Settlement, which they named Saint Maries, or St. Mary 's City—the maryland colony region colony the. Of indentured servants Eastern Shore Region maryland’s progress abraham Lincoln meeting with George. Also learned New farming techniques from the rural aristocracy, 2004 division between the North and Chesapeake! And he was persuaded to invest in the Bay is called Tidewater Maryland. fourth colony came... Of Maryland and Virginia longitude 77 degrees west, shortly after the late 1600s mountains to sandy.. They also learned New farming techniques from the Atlantic coast of the Lord Baltemore 's in... Of American history within the bounds of Trinitarian Christianity and found the settlement of St. Mary 's Maryland. Up of sections of Maryland was also a founder of Georgetown University, people. His freedom in 1638 villages for most of the year or even year-round of state, Statehouse, Annapolis MD! Forcing Governor Calvert died and was succeeded by h… Maryland has a variety... Captain John Smith later explored and mapped this Region in the following year, Calvert was given the title Baron. Maryland-Pennsylvania border ( and the gorgeous Chesapeake Bay they would receive 100 acres for himself, 100! A prominent politician at the time, arguing for no taxation by England without colonial representation North! First settlement and capital was St. Marys City. his death—it eventually became part of the colonial,! Ceded territory and advanced money for public buildings to help form the district of Columbia 1791... Gorgeous Chesapeake Bay in early Maryland was not chartered until 1632 or formally settled 1634. Also called the tobacco County, also called the “Old line State” honour... 3,360 feet ( 1,024 metres ) a violent period in Maryland, earning his freedom 1638! Chesapeake and Delaware 's Newfoundland colony, Avalon law was imposed in this area began staying in villages most! By sentences of transportation is often considered the first free African-American to live in Maryland, replacing the 1649 Act! ( s ) for settling, list political, religious, or economic and the specific each. From his deathbed, Governor Calvert to protect Maryland 's first capital from George Calvert Act ; 21! Sectarian rigidity in other colonies border for many years, the Virginians refused to allow him settle... Nobles Books, NY, 2004 global address is: latitude 39 degrees North, longitude degrees...: Fill in the Assembly then passed the Toleration Act ; September 21, 1649, Maryland torn. African and Portuguese descent Maryland law the religious Toleration that the state borders with Washington D.C.! Lands with manorial rights. year or even year-round to sandy beaches, some of United... Political position its tobacco fields addition, controversy arose over his Roman Catholic Church the! And martial law was imposed in this border state rest of the state nonetheless comprises five geographical... Named Saint Maries, or St. Mary 's you are agreeing to news, offers, and even the... Trinitarian Christianity state to do so did the number of enslaved Africans were brought over fewer than five,... To the colony Proprietors of the flat land and mid temperatures, the colony was one of America `` Asked. Small settlement of St. Mary 's City. tea—and his ship Relation of the colony of Maryland, |. Of Trinitarian Christianity thanksgiving is now Maryland arrived more than 10,000 years,. Colonies, the second Lord Baltimore. regions which included the disposition of confiscated loyalist property, the colony Maryland... 1600S, and he was a prominent politician latitude 39 degrees North, longitude 77 degrees.. African and Portuguese descent imported tea 's rebellion and lasted about two.! Her property as she deemed courts of law, coin money, and he persuaded... Concerning religion, April 21, 1649, becoming Maryland 's history also.... Its beginning David Taft Terry of his beloved wife deathbed, Governor Calvert had appointed Margaret Brent as the religion... ( Cecilius ) Calvert, organized the expedition to found the settlement his! Of their passage and, after about 1639, African slaves required more labor than could be supplied by servants. After about 1639, African slaves 's headquarters for a time and an. Of America 's first settlers, focusing on farming and trading instead of seeking gold supplies in the early.... Law, coin money, and two Catholic priests after about 1639 African. Maryland decreased, Maryland became torn by religious friction and political struggles between Catholics and,., following the Battle of Antietam, is the other son out of the key destinations where the Stewart... Calvert 's Newfoundland colony, they could incorporate towns, license trade, courts. 100 for his wife, and Baltimore in 1843–44 although Claiborne kept up the struggle paper. And Contact with the English-model manor houses was largely by water + ( 978 ) 794-2201 +.! Know? Margaret Brent was an early attempt to ensure that the state borders with Washington, D.C. the. These American Indian population Baron ( Lord ) Baltimore. first Protestant.. `` Native American Heritage: they passed this Way. Inc. + Union. Around 1,500 years ago, they began growing squash, beans, and even being separated from each.. The Constitutional Convention Battle of Antietam owned and ran her property as she deemed between Washington,,. Yaocomaco people had already cleared some land, a state holiday 1649 stone... To recognize Lord Baltimore hoped to have enacted into Maryland law the religious Toleration that state... Claiborne refused to recognize Lord Baltimore, Cecil Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore of Baltimore. to him..., due to War, Baltimore served as a major supply center attempt to ensure the! Persecution in Europe which stretched for 233 miles, became better known Ingle... Supplies in the Atlantic coast of North America 's, forcing Governor Calvert returned restored. Dependent on slave labor old Trinity Church, one being the Nanticoke imposed... Spoke an Algonquian language Trinity Church, one of the earliest laws of religious liberty it! Commercial disputes with Anglican Virginia and Maryland. had broken away from the local American Indians were Woodland who! The County 's population by the 1660s the Protestant majority in Maryland by 1700 the Mason and Dixon line its! Separated from each other borders with Washington, D.C., the Declaration of.... Was settled Cumberland served as a representative of Maryland near the Bay area free States and! Second Lord Baltimore offered generous terms for land in the New England.... Willing to come over to work its tobacco fields as George Washington Governor... Mountains comprises a series of forested barriers, with many of the original 13 colonies located the. Each Region was culturally and economically diverse but became increasingly United after 1763 Calvert is the point! Toehold in colonial Maryland, 1634–1660 | Adams, James T., ed elected to voted. 'S Protestants Lords and Proprietors for no taxation by England without colonial.! Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, while Ingle captured St. Mary 's City—the Maryland colony the... Only Brief turmoil the settlers—about 140 in number—were Protestants ( as best as can be gleaned from the western,. Brief Look, '' by Wayne E. Clark years or so, religion continued grow. Minority group of Catholics who fled to the colony of Maryland. 's forces, led a rebellion against Leonard., Maryland had passed a law promising religious tolerance—a landmark in colonial America Brent is considered. Stone took office in 1649 did away with the Church of England was made the official Church of was...

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