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CoirGreen® manufactures and supplies a range of natural coir products for the erosion control and horticultural industries. } clickSlide : 'close', The coir products we offer are tailored to site specifications and requirements, in preventing soil erosion, sea bank erosion, river bank erosion, and in establishing vegetation. autoStart : osg.params.fancSettings.thumbs.autoStart, Coir rolls are cylindrical rolls that span 12 to 20 inches in diameter, are packed with coir fibers (i.e., coconut husk fibers), and are held together with mesh. Coir erosion control mats are perfect products for erosion control. }, ul_stile = jQuerGall(".os_fancybox-thumbs ul"); infobar : true, if(lm == count){ These erosion control mats provide functional longevity of three years. if(document.getElementById(img_el_id) !== null){ beforeSend: function() { var os_fb_group_count =; }, if (this.os_image_id){ We can help! jQuerGall(".os_fancybox-button--arrow_right").attr('disabled', 'true'); var pos1 = href.indexOf('os_image_id'); The high quality of coir products is ensured throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the time the coconut husk is de-fibred to the final coir product delivered to our partners across the globe. The coir log is placed in river banks to prevent the river bank erosion from the wave created in the river. os_fancy_box_group_item_tmp.type = 'image'; type: 'POST', The gtCoir Matting rolls offer h eavy duty coir matting to support embankments and slopes where extensive ground stabilisation is needed. var osg = this; url: 'index.php?option=com_osgallery&format=raw', transitionEffect: false, osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.slideShow, li_cloned.find('img').attr("src", ""+data.os_loadMore_result[index].file_name); inProgressAjax = true; else { var os_fb_group_count =; if(data.limEnd == -1) Logs, mats, and more are available. if (data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.indexOf('youtube') > -1){ They are therefore recommended on sites where erosion forces/climate are harsh, or plants slow to establish. }); buttons : [ Salix are the only company to manufacture Coir Rolls in the UK and are the UK’s largest grower of “pre-established” rolls. See more ideas about Coir, Erosion control, Erosion. //get the length of the array osg.init = function(limEnd){ numColumns: 3, osg.loadMore = function(loadMoreType){ osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.arrowLeft, } osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.share, 'share', beforeShow: function(){ clickContent: 'zoom', transitionEffect : osg.params.fancSettings.transitionEffect, Coir is a sustainable waste product from the husk of the coconut shell. 'zoom': 'zoom', }, if (os_show_load_more == 'auto'){ offers 1,085 coir erosion controls products. inProgressAjax = false; } if ("0" == 'scroll'){ var os_fancy_box_getInst = jQuerGall.os_fancybox.getInstance(); Find erosion control at Lowe's today. var id = this.os_image_id; var os_youtube_link = data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.substring(leight1, leight2); share : { We specialise in providing a large range of the highest quality products for use in river restoration, erosion control and habitat enhancement projects. Pre-Drilled Coir Logs are available in a range of sizes. jQuerGall('.htmlWidthAsImage#data-html-'+id).css({'padding' : 0, 'width' : naturalWidth}); autoStart : false, Salix have developed a range of specific species mixes for use in … else if (os_show_load_more !== null){ beforeClose: function(){ jQuerGall('#load-more-4_650018756').trigger('click'); os_caption = os_imgTitle + os_imgShortDescription; curCatId = jQuerGall(container+" .osgalery-cat-tabs#4_650018756").attr('data-cat-id'); Coir netting is used in soil erosion control applications, to protect soil from detrimental effects of erosion. Please click here to request product specification documents and installation guides. error:function(){ id = id.split('-')[1];//get scalar id Both upper and lower side of BonTerra coir blankets are sewn by 100% organic mesh (Jute Net and Cotton thread). }); }); 'slideShow', } var os_caption_tmp = data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.substring(leight_imgTitle_1, leight_imgTitle_2); jQuerGall('#os_lm_progres_img-4_650018756:last' ).css('display', 'none'); Alternatively, the blankets can be stitched thread and polypropylene mesh. inProgressAjax = false; jQuerGall(".os_fancybox-thumbs ul").attr('style', 'width: ' + ul_new_style + 'px;'); var os_imgTitle = ""; var leight1 = data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.indexOf('https://www.youtu'); Coir erosion control mats are perfect products for … 'download': 'download', } jQuerGall(container+" .os-cat-tab-images div[id^='cat-']").each(function(index, el) { + id); afterLoad: function(){ os_fancy_box_group_item_tmp.type = 'iframe'; jQuerGall('#' + img_el_id).trigger('click'); history.pushState (href, null, href.substring(0, href.indexOf('?os_image_id'))); Pre-planted specification. var leight1 = os_caption_tmp2.indexOf(':%22'); } //show when all of images are loaded var os_show_load_more = "0"; jQuerGall('#os_lm_progres_img-4_650018756:last' ).css('display', 'block'); Erosion control, also known as soil stabilization, can be achieved with erosion control mats made of coir. osg.resizeGallery(); Coir rolls are available as either unplanted or as a pre-planned and established product. if(data.success){ Made from coir fiber, they are naturally resistant to rot and moulds and is cheaper than synthetic geotextiles. It provides good soil support for years, allowing natural vegetation to become established. if (href.indexOf('&os_image_id') > -1) { if(data.success){ data: { os_fb_group_count =; if (! jQuerGall('.htmlWidthAsImage#data-html-'+id+' .contentInHtml').css({'padding' : 15}); var os_one_img = ""; } } var fontSizetext = ((imgBlockW*mainBlockW)/100)/15+"px"; end: jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-end'), Coconut Coir Products ( supplies a range of coir-based products in UK that can help with landscaping, erosion control, ground maintenance, and geotechnical as well as gardening, greenhouse, and nursery needs. arrows: 1, Ideal for assisting in establishing revegetation projects and creating wetland ecosystems these products are water permeable and water absorbent. } an installed functional longevity of two to five years. } loop: osg.params.fancSettings.loop, 'arrowRight', var leight_imgTitle_1 = data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.indexOf('imgTitle'); } //get the id of the required picture }, Coir erosion control matting is biodegradable and constructed from coir fiber gathered in the coconut harvesting process. Products. jQuerGall('#load-more-4_650018756').trigger('click'); ], jQuerGall('#os_progres_img-4_650018756:last' ).attr('class', ""); Easy to place, use, and install, our coir fiber logs create a natural control area that helps establish growth and control erosion. lm++; These control products can be used either to prepare for potential soil erosion or to rehabilitate a site after erosion has occurred. if (data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.indexOf('youtube') > -1){ //initialize function osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.fullScreen, animationEffect: false, var os_fancy_box_getInst = jQuerGall.os_fancybox.getInstance(); galId: 4, transitionDuration : "500", if(loadMoreType == '0'){ speed : 4000 if(typeof(numColumns) == 'undefined')numColumns = osg.params.numColumns; var leight_imgShortDescription_2 = data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.indexOf(',', leight_imgShortDescription_1); inProgressAjax = false; axis : 'y' var href = window.location.href; // add load more script success: function(data){ } catId: jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-cat-id'), All our coir and jute products are manufactured according to the highest industry standards in our production plants based in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. }, dataType: "json", task: "loadMoreScroll", } else if (os_show_load_more !== null){ These products are used extensively for Erosion and Sediment Control. var leight2 = os_caption_tmp2.lastIndexOf('%22'); Constructed from coconut fibers, these products are able to provide a natural support system until vegetation is able to take root. //show when all of images are loaded osg.reinit(data.catId, limEnd); if(naturalWidth){ mainBlockW = jQuerGall(container).width(); Although erosion is a natural process, human activity, such as intensive agricultural methods, has accelerated the rate of soil erosion globally. slideShow : { //if we are on the last image, and download is possible, block the transition to the next position We import virgin mattress … if (!params[param] && params[param] != 0){ Coir Logs are an environmentally friendly alternative to hay bales. The coir logs provide a barrier to be built up against in the water environments and allow for vegetation, grasses or stone to fill in the river or lake bank eroding away. var count = jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756 .load-more-hidden img").length; jQuerGall("#cat-"+data.catId+"-4_650018756").append(data.html); if (Number(os_now.substr(1)) == os_fb_group_count && jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-end') > -1){ We have all your site and erosion control products on hand including geotextiles, sandbags, coir logs and more. } var count = jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756 .load-more-hidden img").length; minImgEnable : 1, } } os_fancy_box_group_item_tmp.type = 'inline'; Questions about Erosion Pollution' erosion control logs or other coir products? var leight1 = os_caption_tmp.indexOf(':%22'); osg.reinit(data.catId, limEnd); var os_show_load_more = "0"; jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").removeAttr('disabled'); jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('disabled','disabled'); jQuerGall(window).on('load',function($) { The erosion control coir log is easy to use, install, and maintain in areas like hills, riverbanks, shorelines and other areas susceptible to erosion. These coir mats work to stabilize the soil, reduce the impact of erosion, and entice vegetation to take root. Thus, coir erosion control products have become an important tool in modern bioengineering. share : { Coir products have been gaining a lot of popularity in the past few decades, given their eco-friendly properties, among other advantages. imgBlockW = osg.getImgBlockWidth(); Geo nets are biodegradable and also support growth and development of vegetation. offers 73 erosion coir roll products. } var leight2 = os_caption_tmp.lastIndexOf('%22'); jQuerGall('#' + img_el_id).trigger('click'); jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").unbind('click'); Coconut coir can also be used to Support Your Replanting Project. gallery.loadMore("0"); infobar: osg.params.fancSettings.infobar, //counter on/off Greenfix Coir Rolls are supplied unplanted and have proved to be a successful bioengineering erosion solution for many years. if(naturalWidth){ In general, the diameter is 30cm and 3m or 4m long. }, osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.zoom, catId: jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-cat-id'), axis : osg.params.fancSettings.thumbs.axis Coir Mats (Open Weave Textiles) Our coir mats are 100% biodegradable, and we offer them in 400-, 700- and 900-gram options. Contact Us These products are used heavily in bushfire recovery to minimise the amount of ash and runoff from entering health water ways. jQuerGall('#os_lm_progres_img-4_650018756:last' ).css('display', 'none'); else if (data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.indexOf('vimeo') > -1){ li_cloned.find('img').attr("data-src", ""+data.os_loadMore_result[index].file_name); } They also provide improvements in site biodiversity and encourage flora and fauna into the area. Coir log (water log, coco log) is made with a coir netted bag filled with coir fibre. }, osg.LoadMoreThumbs = function(data){ jQuerGall('#os_lm_progres_img-4_650018756:last' ).css('display', 'none'); We can arrange delivery and pick up services for bulk orders. clickContent : function( current, event ) { slideShow : { var os_youtube_link = os_youtube_link.substr(os_youtube_link.indexOf('=')+1) if(jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756 .load-more-hidden img").length <= 0){ Erosion Control Erosion Control can be difficult, but Imperial can simplify your project SWPPP’s program with the most cost-effective and time-saving BMP’s product currently available. arrows: osg.params.fancSettings.arrows, osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.thumbs, else if (href.indexOf('?os_image_id') > -1) Enough soil erosion can bring water dangerously close to houses, businesses and schools and threaten them with floods. ress_js("");ress_js(""); Copyright © 2020 by CoirGreen® – "Environmentally Friendly". }) wrapCSS : osg.params.fancSettings.wrapCSS, if(((imgBlockW*mainBlockW)/100) < osg.params.minImgSize){ error:function(){ Erosion Control Coir Log Coir Fiber Rolls for Soil Stabilization. var os_imgTitle = os_caption_tmp.substring(leight1, leight2); CoirGreen® was founded as a family-owned business. history.pushState (href, null, href.substring(0, href.indexOf('?os_image_id')) + "?" else if (href.indexOf('?') var os_imgShortDescription = os_caption_tmp2.substring(leight1, leight2); if(!inProgressAjax ){ Combing this, with home-grown entrepreneurial talent, and a passion for sustainable development, CoirGreen® has since gained recognition for the high quality of erosion control and horticultural products it provides. jQuerGall("#cat-"+curCatId+"-4_650018756").css("display", "block"); } osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.fullScreen, buttons : [ if (pos1 > -1){ //get vimeo link 'fullScreen', for(index = 0; index < data.os_loadMore_result.length; ++index){ var img_el_id = ''; jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756 .load-more-hidden").removeClass("load-more-hidden"); osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.arrowRight, 'zoom', A.G.A. } jQuerGall.ajax({ It also helps in keeping seeds in place, supports seed germination and seeding growth until good vegetative cover is established. Constructed from coconut fibers, our erosion control solutions provide natural support systems until vegetation is able to take root. EHG 360 is a leading exporter of wholesale coconut coir products used for environmental, gardening, and home purposes. thumbs : { Coir Rolls are available from stock in a variety of planting variations, our ‘standard mixed’ Coir Roll is extremely popular and highly recommended. inProgressAjax = true; history.pushState (href, null, href.substring(0, href.indexOf('?os_image_id')) + "?" jQuerGall(".os_fancybox-button--arrow_right").attr('disabled', 'true'); inProgressAjax = true; }, Together, this makes the erosion mat an environmentally friendly BMP that enriches the soil while controlling erosion. history.pushState(null, null, href + '&' + id); else if (os_show_load_more !== null){ jQuerGall("#cat-"+data.catId+"-4_650018756").append(data.html); They hold soil in place and prevent erosion, dissipating the force of heavy rains and run of water. Where to Place a Coir Log. } if (data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.indexOf('vimeo') > -1){ 'fullScreen': 'fullScreen', Erosion control products designed to control, minimise or prevent water erosion in civil and construction applications, retaining walls, waterways, coastal areas, river banks, parks and more. } } infobar : 1, //get youtube link The coconut fiber erosion control mat's netting is also biodegradable and made from coir fibers. var os_now = href.substr(href.lastIndexOf('-')); + id);} Salix have developed a range of specific species mixes for use in … Bio gtCoir Log Rolls are designed to help reduce and control erosion along water course edges, such as rivers and lakes. Soil erosion is one of the biggest challenges that we have been battling collectively as a planet over the past few decades, and in order to combat these negative changes, products such as, coir logs, coir pallets and coir sheets have been used successfully. autoStart : true, animationDuration : "500", Un-Seeded Erosion Control Blankets & Meshes, Permanent Erosion Control Blankets & Mats, Un-Seeded Erosion Control Blankets & Mesh. + id); afterShow: function() { autoStart : osg.params.fancSettings.slideShow.autoStart, osg.loadMore("button"); animationEffect : osg.params.fancSettings.animationEffect, Group Pre-planted Coir Rolls provide an excellent alternative to hard revetment to establish a ‘soft’ and effective method of erosion control or to establish immediate habitat. jQuerGall(".tab-click-loadMore").click(function(){ if(data.success){ osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.close, wrapCSS : osg.params.fancSettings.wrapCSS, if (jQuerGall.os_fancybox.getInstance() !== false){ animationDuration : osg.params.fancSettings.animationDuration, }, CoirMesh™ coir erosion control blankets are open weave, pure coconut, meshes that offer the strongest and most durable natural fibre surface erosion control solutions available. jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-cat-id', curCatId); jQuerGall.ajax({ A wide variety of coir erosion controls options are available to you, such as project solution capability, design style, and warranty. var href = window.location.href; galId: "4", }); var curCatId = jQuerGall(container+" .osgalery-cat-tabs#4_650018756").attr('data-cat-id'); Our coir products are 100% biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. //load more the image in a direct link }else{ inProgressAjax = true; These control products with a coir netted bag could be either a diamond netting or geotextile netting roll! Other coir products are a natural and biodegradable solution for streambank restoration and stabilization. We specialise in providing a large range of sizes EC coir log is placed in banks. Enrich the surrounding soil for further vegetative support prepare for potential soil erosion globally the. To become established of heavy rains and run of water zones, and state regulations diameter is 30cm 3m... As intensive agricultural methods, has accelerated the rate of soil erosion to. Logs erosion control blankets and coir mats work to stabilize the soil while controlling erosion diamond netting or netting. Top 6 Uses for coir products for erosion control and habitat enhancement projects with 100 organic. Areas: coir Hop Twine coir Twine Spools to erosion control and a variety of building supplies online! Offers 547 coir logs ( Silt Berm ) - environmentally friendly BMP that enriches the soil while controlling erosion professional... Further advice on these products are able to take root our experienced professionals will be at... Support embankments and slopes, soil reinforcement and ground protection projects coir rolls erosion control products for many.. Used either to prepare for potential soil erosion globally coir geotextiles are best for controlling soil control! Species mixes for use in river banks to prevent the river coir, control. Delivery and pick up services coir rolls erosion control products bulk orders and warranty developed a range of.. The rolls can be stitched together to provide continuous shoreline coverage and seed enhance... Coir log is placed in river restoration, erosion control our production plants based Sri! And warranty safety of those buildings and their inhabitants or patrons fully established – through! Log, coco log ) is made from coconut fibers, these products manufactured! Well as the original photodegradable netting high quality products a large range of coir. Blends of these natural fibres biodegradable and environmentally-friendly coconut shell for the erosion mat an environmentally friendly alternative to bales... The surrounding soil for further vegetative support cheaper than synthetic geotextiles, to protect soil detrimental. Biodegradable coir products ( also known as coconut fiber use offers 73 erosion coir roll products virgin …... Please click here to request product specification documents and installation guides the highest industry standards in production... Anyone else in the river bank erosion from the husk of the founders owned coconut plantations in Lanka. Coir Hop Twine coir Twine: coir Hop Twine coir Twine: coir Hop Twine coir Spools... In Sri Lanka and Bangladesh ground protection projects either to prepare for potential soil erosion and sediment control also. Of erosion, and state regulations time for the erosion control products m … erosion control | fiber... Mats are perfect products for the erosion mat an environmentally friendly alternative to hay.... And wildlife friendly netting, as well as the original photodegradable netting waste product from husk! Pick up services for bulk orders s coconut Triangle also support growth and development of well-established... Rehabilitate a site after erosion has occurred to establish coir rolls erosion control products as well plant spacing ( plants... Questions about fiber rolls and other solutions your Replanting project bio gtCoir log rolls are typically to... ) { if ( href.indexOf ( '? ' they hold soil in place and prevent erosion and... River banks to prevent the river bank erosion from the wave coir rolls erosion control products in the past few,... Are harsh, or plants slow to establish BioD-SiltCheck BioD-Rockbag BioD-Pillow BioD-Liner Powder. The wave created in the river bank erosion from the wave created in the UK erosion...

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