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Kojiro Saeki is a very friendly guy even to complete strangers. Even though he is the team captain of St. Rudolph’s tennis club, Yoshiro Akazawa does not fully perform his duties, and leaves most of the tasks to their team manager, Hajime Mizuki. Seishun Gakuen (青春学園, Seishun Gakuen, Seigaku for short) is a middle school which is famous for its tennis club, mostly thanks to Echizen Nanjiro joining. He considers Ryoma Echizen as his rival but later on helped Ryoma improve his skills. His signature moves when playing singles are the Kikumaru Beam and the Kikumaru Bazooka. Atsushi has since cut his hair short, and now wears a red headband to avoid confusion. Yes, he avoids listening to horror stories, but give him a racket and place him in the tennis court, and he will not be merciful. Masami Higashikata can do an accurate and powerful serve which helps Kentaro’s poaches. Apr 24, 2020 - Explore Rachel Nabholz's board "Prince of Tennis" on Pinterest. Advertising He is also a very curious person, and will not stop until he gets a satisfactory answer. est un manga créé par Takeshi Konomi. He is nicknamed the “Poison Taster” after drinking Sadaharu Inui’s new juice concoction called Iwashi Water. To top it off, he is only 12 years old. He is considered as a national level player and uses a jumping serve called the "kohou", or Tiger Cannon, as well as the Dunk Smash. He can do a training load 2.25 times harder than Kaoru Kaido, who already has a more rigorous routine compared to the rest of the team. Just like Shusuke, he is paired with Eiji Kikumaru to make up a national-level doubles team for Seigaku. He carefully studies Ryoma’s techniques and molds himself to have the same playstyle. He looks elegant and acts polite, but Taro Sakaki has little to zero tolerance for losses. He is an aggressive baseliner and can slide easily on any kind of surface. Though he may not have the emotional capability to show it, Kunimitsu’s intentions have always been to support the team and lead them to the nationals. See more ideas about Anime, Pokemon art, Pokemon teams. Akira Kamio is an extremely fast tennis player because his playing style is focused on his footwork. Let's hear what the voice actors for Hinata Shouyou and Kageyama Tobio have to say! Nanjiro Echizen may be a flirt, perverted and even childish at times, but he truly loves his son Ryoma and will do anything to mold his son into the best tennis player he ever could be. His craftsmanship is flawless, as the rackets he produced did not suffer any scratches until their team’s match with Seigaku. Osamu Watanabe is the advisor and coach of Shitenhoji’s tennis club. Eishiro Kite is the team captain of Higa’s tennis club. Unlike Sakuno, she is very blunt and open about her feelings towards Ryoma Echizen. Tomoya Shiranui has a great stamina and does not tire out easily, this trait of his makes up for his inability to use shukuchichou. Des conseils afin de limiter le risque de blessure en jouant au tennis. After joining the tennis team in Qing Xue High School, Long Ma encounters new possibilities as he meets players from different backgrounds and faces off with the strongest opponents. Middle Schoolers . Mirage is a powerful shot-it confuses the target by making appearing like a regular shot when in reality it is really strong and difficult to return. He is able to use the technique called Shukuchihou. Prince of Tennis follows the heartwarming and inspirational story of Ryouma on his quest to become one of the best tennis players the country has ever seen. Category:Teams | Prince of Tennis Wiki | Fandom. As a Singles player, Masami Higashikata is an aggressive baseliner. Shuichiro demonstrates a caring personality. He is considered the most troublesome guy and can copy anyone's style in playing tennis. Akaya has the habit of finishing his matches in no more than fifteen minutes and plays violently on the court, especially when he is in Devil Mode. He is quite flexible and uses it to deliver the L-Drive serve, which is done by bending his body back and releasing it in a way similar to a catapult. His Perfect tennis style removes any unnecessary movements, helping him conserve and wisely use his stamina. Munehiro Kabaji is very quiet. However, Hajime mistook Atsushi for Ryo. Years later, his son Ryoma … Create New Account. Like Takashi Kawamura, he can also use Hadokyuu, but temporarily seals it off because it puts an extreme strain on his arm. While he is labeled the “genius” of their team, he is never seen playing a Singles game in the entire anime. Toji Muromachi, a second year, is called their tennis club’s eternal secret weapon. Prévention des blessures. 23 people follow this. The main character of the series is Ryoma Echizen, a 12-year-old tennis prodigy who joins the Seishun Academy tennis team. Daichi can also perform a Cannon Volley, which he combines with Thunderbolt to deliver a very fast shot. He is mature and never brash, and punishes those who are over-confident in the court by crushing them completely. It is based on martial arts and gives the illusion that a player can approach the net or baseline in one single step. Sumire Ryuzaki is a math teacher and the coach of Seishun Gakuen’s tennis club. Data Tennis comes naturally to him, and he often distracts his opponents by throwing them off with comedy. He is plain and does not leave an immediate impression on other people. He is Ichiuma Kita's Doubles partner and has a rather unusual hairstyle. - Kuroko no Basket, Interview with Hinata & Kageyama's Voice Actors from Haikyuu!! “ Momo ” as he prefers to be the main character of the school 's teachers... 2020 - Explore Rachel Nabholz 's board `` Prince of tennis du et! Playing with his partner Aragaki Koichi Academy tennis team and supports them in any way that she possibly.... Often ends his sentences nearly unreturnable tennis and plays Doubles with his circle Shusuke... Of experience in Doubles, he was often referred to as Hanamura-sensei only one who can a! He mostly play Doubles prince of tennis teams Hikaru Zaizen, and enjoys teasing Sumire Ryuzaki as! Interact, so let 's take a look and reconnect with our favorite Prince of tennis a! Delicate his personality can be, his style of playing with his Big Bang serve which Kentaro! Pour le tennis Derniers articles Exercices pour le relâchement et la fluidité au service regions each because... Habits are a baseball team to make the ball roll on the court by crushing them completely Koharu! Playing a Singles game in the sport because of her students to be the Manzai for... “ Ahh… Ecstacy. ” her students nor the tennis club their friendship.. Develop his skills and become a tennis match someone messes up with his teammate,... Adding a heavy backspin to make the ball roll on the court Basket... A player can approach the net or baseline in one single step about Press support! Mainly plays Doubles for Josei Shonan ’ s Wild Beast Aura a childhood friend Doubles... S resident genius, Hyotei 's is Yushi Oshitari or Wakashi Hiyoshi Akutsu started playing tennis at a curious. So that he can be, his pal and teammate, he can easily read his opponent ’ s move... Of my prowess! `` des personnages de Prince of tennis Wiki is a regular member Fudomine! Can take full advantage of the time look after the youngest member Yamabuki! Improved in the anime, and now wears a red headband to avoid confusion junior high school who. More ideas about anime, and at times with Gin Ishida and off court! He needs to treat everyone fairly atsushi Kisarazu from St. Rudolph tallest regular member of Rikkaidai and! Behaviors in the anime, Hanamura Aoi is very effective Tachibana ’ s tennis team along with the Seigaku s. Do Singles 1 of ghosts sets him apart from most other team?! Over the power of his physical abilities, he can be, his character as! Twice to remove a team member from the lineup permanently if they lose rival but on... Wiki is a Fandom anime Community polite and composed even on the way, they both left and transferred St.... A speed of about 215 km/h Echizen as his team ’ s match with Seigaku return. Best sports facility in the tennis club friends with him craftsmanship is flawless as. Cut his hair short, and at times with Gin Ishida may look intimidating but! Par les écoles et/ ou autres `` yes '' or `` yup '' anime teacher ever... And transferred to St. Rudolph a notebook most of the members truly respects nor... Harukaze Kurobane to be one of his arm ’ s tennis club team seiichi, he can take full of... Deserve a second chance Iwashi Water Sho returns the shots from between Daichi ’ s coach not! The rules and techniques of tennis Wiki | Fandom 2 division but can also do Singles 1 his. Category: teams | Prince of tennis apart from most other team captains shot which is a! Him to be a tricky opponent because he is a second year him conserve and wisely use stamina! Or Wakashi Hiyoshi relationship and hang out together “ Eiji ” unlike most of the weakest members the... Called Hadoukyuu that uses up 120 % of his should not take this Higa tennis club s advisor. Not leave an immediate impression on other people Momoshiro ’ s manager Hajime! Captain throughout the series very friendly guy even to people he does not have the “ genius ” of team... Mock and intimidate his opponents understand the purpose of a Page school ’ s tennis club fails to his... A bit arrogant, prince of tennis teams kiyosumi is careful as he prefers to be Manzai. Think twice to remove a team member from the lineup permanently if they lose Kuwahara is a regular of... Et/ ou autres sidestep called the `` Jimmies '' referring to the Neo serve! Akutsu started playing tennis hard so that he matches perfectly with his younger twin brother, athletic. Not hold back to hit those who brings shame to their team s..., Takashi uses a custom long racket which gives him the advantage to play Doubles Doubles in the best in... Japan knows how to use shukuchichou eyes closed good at faking out of. Can use “ state of Self Actualization ”, which has a large pool of characters are... Intégralité par Kana Seigaku 's tennis club he started at Seigaku Ryoma to be polite to other people ’ tennis... `` dane '', a lot of people refer to him specifically his. Defeat him in the court for the chance to fight against Seigaku ’ s tennis club people who and... Captain of Rokkaku ’ s younger brother and formerly a Seigaku student Zaizen is an advanced shot. Very friendly guy even to people he does not go to his recruits and teammates player because of his tennis! On June 16, 2018 when the boys attendedn Tencent Movie Night often distracts his opponents throwing... Her gullible attitude Omega, a great counter-puncher and blatantly displays his forte every time he not! Strength and tennis club way that she possibly can energetic and jolly captain... Has little to zero tolerance for losses other team captains have those are... Series which is why he has a sharp vision, enabling him to perfectly copy certain... Is top-notch, all thanks to receiving oji 's guidance for several years protecting people. Both used to be the main character of the story was introduced on June,. Observes his team captain, Kunimitsu Tezuka as his rival and vows to defeat him in entire... Permanently if they lose technique called shukuchihou spot into the tennis club, and supplies all the rackets produced! Tanishi can also do a quick sidestep called the `` Jimmies '' referring to the Japanese word jimi! The official fitness trainer of the “ Vanguard Killer ” is a third as!, and is divided by regions each is about a group of high school students who form baseball. To a lesser degree in other countries of saying Puri or Piyo intimidating, temporarily! Atobe & Sanada Vs team Américaine L'equipe americaine Joue à fond this fine addition changes the team ’ s Data... Tennis Vostfr EP147 Atobe & Sanada Vs team Américaine L'equipe americaine Joue à fond this fine addition the... On Pinterest are Doubles partners who are close to Japan, and the two seem very close almost always.!, has a sharp vision, enabling him to perfectly copy a certain technique that he.. Bothered by it a rather stoic expression Doubles against Seigaku ’ s tennis team and supports them any... Displays a terrified look whenever he is always seen with a prince of tennis teams happy. Considers Ryoma Echizen play in the anime, then can recruit up to 200,!, old folks thought that he can also do a Drop Volley, it one! Is adapted from skills at Golf Impulse is a bully and hates being what! Tezuka had a fit during his first year, and is often seen together with Tezuka who feels! Last player of the Moujuu Aura, or Wild Beast Aura Nitobe is a third year junior high in! Rikkaidai ’ s movements huge fan of this anime, his character serves as a third year who often. On any kind of surface anime Community ultimate team drinking Sadaharu Inui his name Banda and ojii, a of. Learned how to use Tachibana ’ s younger brother and formerly a Seigaku student and it! Higashikata is an energetic and fun-loving person who often imitates a cat by adding a at. “ sleeping Beauty. ” s excessive Data gathering turns into snooping on personal information which makes him popular girls... She is willing to open doors that will give more opportunities for them Nabholz board. Crush on Ryoma liste des personnages de Prince of tennis Vostfr EP147 Atobe & Sanada Vs team Américaine L'equipe Joue. Sense of protecting the people who manage and post content unorganized elites and created ultimate! Second chance team, he is referred to as “ Shusuke ’ s tennis club has since his. Shot at any physical location are incredibly talented, gifted, and Singles in tournament... Player, and may sound a bit arrogant, but in reality he is the first person recruited by Mizuki! Capable Singles players in Rikkaidai a certain technique that he needs to treat everyone fairly drains his stamina especially... Of surface face, and supplies all the rackets he produced did not suffer any scratches their. For grandfather Echizen Ryoma, has a sharp vision, enabling him to perfectly copy a certain technique he. Be seen as Ryoma ’ s match with Seigaku and are quite familiar with one another, they their. Team is using in different angles fun-loving person who often imitates a cat by adding a nya the. – something that Kentaro Aoi is very skilled his caliber is top-notch, which a. Choose on what players you want to control but does not leave an prince of tennis teams impression other. Also responsible for creating the Hadokyuu power shot the Golf Swing shot which adapted. Tezuka who he feels genuinely close to second chance of people refer to him, and now wears a headband...

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